What media formats do you offer?

All VisualDVD releases are available in standard definition DVD optimized for widescreen viewing. Most releases are also available in Blu-Ray HD (1920x1080 widescreen). All DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are authored as Region-Free for worldwide playback. If you are interested in the individual video files, you can fine them at MotionLoops.com
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What do you charge for your releases and libraries?

Pricing depends on three basic factors to help you save the most money each and every time you shop with us:

  1. Format - Higher resolution Blu-Ray discs are generally are priced higher than standard definition DVDs.
  2. Libraries - Libraries are sets of releases packaged together at a discount. The price per release is much lower when you purchase in a library. Libraries always include the deepest discounts available on this website.
  3. Bundles - The automated bundle builder is always working to save you money in the background as you add releases to your cart. You will find it at the bottom of the website. The idea is simple: the more releases you add to your cart, the lower the average price for each. Give it a try - and explore ways to save on every single order!

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What is the Automated Bundle Builder?

The Automated Bundle Builder (ABB) is located at the bottom of this website and automatically calculates your discounts each time you shop with us. It also will remind you when you have reached price breaks, earned free items and help lower your cost.

To find out what special deals the Automatic Bundle Builder offers you at any time as well as other cost saving promotions, make sure to check out the Promotions section of our website!

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. In addition we also accept Paypal using your Paypal ID. These choices will be presented to you in the last step of checkout. By special arrangement we also accept bank wires, checks, money orders and payment by fax.

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How will you deliver my discs?

For convenience and easy organization, all orders are packaged in a single DVD/Blu-Ray case regardless of the number of releases purchased. This significantly reduces your shipping cost as well. Numerous shipping carriers will be presented during checkout along with a range of delivery options from USPS and UPS. Orders are shipped within 24 hours except on heavy sales and promotional periods where the shipment may be delayed a few days. If you require expedited shipments to meet a specific deadline, please contact us at support (@) visualdvds.com to confirm current lead times.

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Will your material work on my computer?

DVD and Blu-Ray releases are authored as "region-free" for worldwide widescreen playback. If you have DVD or BluRay playback software installed on your computer along with a compatible DVD-ROM or BR-ROM drive, the discs will play on your computer.

Do you remove the VisualDVDs logo from my releases?

Yes. The watermark will be removed from all purchased discs.

What are the differences between the formats you offer?

Screen Resolutions

What is "Standard Definition" NTSC and PAL?

NTSC (720x480) and PAL (720x576) are the two most popular standardized DVD formats in the world.

Our standard definition releases are authored for 16:9 widescreen playback using the NTSC standard with a Region Free disc setting. This allows playback worldwide. Do not confuse NTSC with "Region 1." NTSC simply describes the dimensions of the video frame (720x480) while the Region number is part of the disc settings which tells your player if it is allowed to be played in your country. Since all our releases are set to "Region Free" (also known as "All Regions") they will play on all disc players worldwide regardless of your country.

What is "High Definition" 1080 Blu-Ray?

1080 is the industry standard high resolution video format of 1920x1080. This is the resolution of our Blu-Ray releases.